Mentored Research Experience for 3rd Year Medical School and Nursing Students

Duke medical school students have the unique opportunity of a full year of research during their third year. Additionally, Duke nursing students also have a required research track.

Duke Center for Research to Advance Healthcare Equity offers students a number of opportunities to conduct mentored research under the REACH Equity Center umbrella with an established investigator.

Consistent with the theme of the center, we will preferentially target research projects focused on interventions to impact disparities in the clinical encounter by improving the quality of patient-centered care through better provider communication, high quality interpersonal processes of care, and shared decision-making.

Students participating in this program will engage in REACH Equity activities, including Research Works in Progress seminars, and the annual center colloquium, as well as interacting with REACH Equity-affiliated junior and senior investigators.

Current potential research topics available to students are:

  • Racial disparities in end-of-life care (hospice, advance care planning)
  • Racial and ethnic inequalities
  • Provider communication in the clinical encounter
  • Developing and testing implicit bias
  • Shared decision-making in cardiovascular health delivery and health outcomes
  • Racial disparities in ICU care

If you are interested in meeting a faculty mentor to discuss a potential project, please e-mail Cheryl Miller, with your topic of interest.